New Museum Incubator is now accepting applications!

by | Mar 2, 2014

In a previous post, I wrote about the New Museum incubator for art, technology, and design which will be opening in the summer of 2014. This week, the new incubator, which will call NEW INC, published a request calling for startups to apply.

Here is the announcement as published by Julia Kaganskiy, the new incubator’s director:

“The initiative is a shared workspace and professional development program for individuals and small teams leveraging technology in an experimental way in the fields of art and design. In addition to desk space and shared resources like a prototyping lab, event space, conference rooms, and equipment, we’ll be building out a program that leverages the New Museum’s network and expertise to provide business training, advisors, mentors, and other services. 
Career development programming might include weekly seminars on topics such as Intellectual Property, Accounting, Branding and PR, Production and Fabrication, Client Contracts, and other need-to-know topics for any new creative enterprise or freelancer. Monthly critiques with the Museum’s curatorial staff and other experts, as well as regular opportunities to present ongoing work and research, will also help provide constructive feedback and guidance to members.
Much of the ideas informing this project were inspired by the ArtsTech community and the amazing creative thinkers and entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through the group. I hope some of you will consider applying and spreading the word to your networks.”

For the NEW INC’s website click HERE.

To apply for the incubator’s program click HERE

For an article at The Verge click HERE

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