Nir Hindi as Guest of the Leadership and Loyalty Podcast with Dov Baron

by | Aug 25, 2021

Between August 22nd and 25th, 2021, Nir recorded the two-piece podcast “Renaissance Thinking for Business”  and “Art as 21st Century Leadership”, as part of the show Leadership and Loyalty – the show for Fortune 500 executives with Dov Baron.

About the Show

Dov Baron’s Leadership and Loyalty Show focuses on inspiring those who lead to live deeply meaningful, purpose-driven lives that are heart, soul, and mind aligned. So that listeners can have not only the success, but also the fulfillment that allows them to make the massive difference they came here to make, and become extraordinary leaders.

About the Episode

We’re all infatuated with ‘innovation,’ yet we often disparage those who are at the root of it, artists. Dov Baron alongside Nir Hindi gets immersed in a two-part conversation regarding artist mentality, and more specifically, how we can consider ourselves artistic, to potentially become better leaders. 


This is the breakdown of each episode!

1. Entrepreneurship & Artists = Twins

  • Lessons from The Medici banking family, a political dynasty that financed the Renaissance

  • Bringing the Outsiders Inside

  • Collaborative Artists as Innovators

  • Why Entrepreneurs and Artist are Fraternal Twins

  • The Shocking Connection Between Artistic Endeavours and Winning Nobel Prizes

  • The Art of Morse Code

  • Tomorrow’s Innovators are NOT where you’d Expect!

2. Art as 21st Century Leadership

  • Why innovation is the way of the artist

  • Why Art is Not about Beauty

  • A Hard Lesson for Those Who Want to Innovate

  • What Artist Can Teach Us About Looking Back

  • Why Art is 21st Century New LeadershipLeadership Transformation: Seeing Vs Observing

  • Yale Medical States That Make Art Vital

  • The Power and Importance of “Making Shit Up”!

  • World Economics and Yo-Yo Ma

Watch part 1 


Watch part 2

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