Personality Test: Comparison

by | Mar 17, 2021

What do Picasso, Robert Smithson, and Steve Jobs have in common? What about Warren Buffett, Cezanne, Auguste Rodin, and Georgia O’Keefe? 

If you took our newly developed personality test with Prof. David Galenson, you should already know: the former are conceptual innovators, while the latter are experimental innovators. The former are the “young geniuses” while the latter are “old masters.” And both categories are integral to innovation.

“The only principle in art is to copy what you see” Auguste Rodin, 1906

“An object to me is the product of a thought” Robert Smithson, 1969

The two types are distinguished mainly by the methods by which they arrive at their major contribution in their field. What are these differences in methods? To help you understand it better, we prepared an easy table that will help you.


Types of Innovators
To really understand the basic differentiation between the experimental and conceptual innovators, we can use the words of historian Pierre Cabanne. Cabanne made this point by comparing Picasso with Cezanne: “There was not one Picasso, but ten, twenty, always different, unpredictably changing, and in this, he was the opposite of a Cezanne, whose work…followed that logical, reasonable course to fruition.”

So what are you? A conceptual or experimental? If you haven’t taken our test yet, this is the time to do so. 

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