Painting, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship Merge

About the event

What paintings and fashion have in common? How Japanese Culture connects to Spanish? And how a father and daughter work together? All and more in The Artian next event on Google For Startup Madrid Campus.

This time we hosted the painter Paco Celorrio, aka Papartus and Arena Martinez, the entrepreneur and fashion designer. Papartus has been painting for many years, in his work he “search for alternative ways to organizational logic, deconstructing the established order and reconstructing it again inside the freedom that creativity offers.”

Martinez, the founder and creator of the brand carrying her name, was looking to bring art to another dimension. To our bodies, to our skin.

According to Martinez, “Fashion and Art are worlds where creativity is oxygen and talent is water. We want to merge these spheres together, creating a new platform for these worlds to coexist.” Her brand often collaborates with artists to ultimately transform their work into wearable pieces, letting art be with their clients wherever they go.

Papartus and Martinez, an artist and an entrepreneur, father and daughter, a painter and a fashion designer shared with us their ideas around creativity, creative collaboration, the role of art in fashion and more. Watch the conversation below,

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