How to develop innovative thinking among my employees? Do I search for innovation in the right places? Why is it challenging to foster creativity in our organization?

If you are a manager who is concerned with her company’s future, you probably found yourself debating these questions. But telling your employees to “be creative” when they ask “how to think outside of the box” or using the popular innovation methods, is more of the same and often doesn’t obtain the desired results.  Because most of the business leaders focus on changing policies and Not Enough on Changing Minds.

This is where The Artian comes in. We provide a process based on knowledge, methods, and practices from the art world that helps organizations develop, nurture and foster a creative mindset that leads to innovation.


We offer special innovation training that focuses on the essential skills for innovation. Observation, questioning, and creative experience among them. We take practices and methods from the art world and combine them with knowledge from the entrepreneurship world.

The Artian User Experience Workshop

Looking for Unique and Creative Experiences?


We see ourselves as the ice-breakers between creativity and business professionals. We aim to assist managers to initiate, nurture and boost creative environments, to allow others to be creative by thinking differently about the role of creativity in the business process.

That is why we focus on the essential and basic skills required in the world of innovation. We always claim, only innovative and creative people can create these type of companies. Are you?

Provoke new way of thinking by challenging the way your employees think about the intersection of art in the world of business, entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

This phase focuses on the basic skills required in innovation. Skills such as observing, questioning etc.

This phase focuses on the practices, activities, and environment that foster and nurture creative thinking in the organization.

Training the Future Managers

We are part of the training professionals of Financial Times|IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance and our founder is a visiting professor in IE Business School, one of the world’s leading business schools. He teaches at the Executive Education Creativity for Sustainable Business Growth as well as a guest lecturer at the Master for Design and Innovation in IED (Istituto Eurpoeo di Design), where he lectures on entrepreneurship for creative fields. By doing so, we train and interact with the future generations of management.