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Why Art may be Key in Innovation

Innovation is key to the success of any corporation in the modern age. For many companies, however, the question of how to achieve innovation remains a mystery. Companies are approaching

What Innovators Can Learn From Artists

The conversation about Innovation in the business world focuses mainly on technology and services that can change industries. Yet, the innovation challenge seems hard to tackle; companies struggle to innovate

The Need To Revitalize The Arts And Science

“We need to revitalize the arts and sciences of today; we need to take responsibility for the future” said Mae Carol Jemison in 2002. 13 years after and it seems that only

Connecting Art to Science (and Innovation)

Innovation is a fundamental key for any modern business corporation success. Yet the question of how to achieve innovation remains an enigmatic question for many companies. The role of science

Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Arts

When it comes to the business world the common job post we see requires “experienced” or “MBA preferred”, but in an era when companies are competing and struggling to find the next innovative idea why not

Innovation Through an Artist’s Work

I look at artists as creators and inventors and always draw inspiration from them. There are many lessons that innovators can learn from artists and it is no wonder that

Why the Future of Innovation Belongs to Artists and Designers

The word “creativity” is used over and over again in the context of innovation. If you type the search word “innovation” in Google Books, you will get more than 6.5 million