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Similarities Between Startups Angel Investing and Collecting Art

  24.09.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

  Is it strange to think that angel investing in startups and collecting art as being similar? I guess for many of us the link between the two is not

Art Collectors – Should you or Should You Not engage with artists?

  18.08.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

  When it comes to collecting art the reasons that motivate one tend to vary. Though the reasons are in abundance and different, in this post I want to discuss

The Art Market Counterproductive to Creativity – Olafur Eliasson

  27.06.2015   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Just before his new exhibition’s opening at the Langen Foundation, the artist Olafur Eliasson was interviewed by Artsy. Besides talking about his exhibition, Eliasson talked about the art market, creativity

Get Your Free Art Consultancy Meeting

  25.02.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

Many people wonder how they should start an art collection. The reasons to start an art collection are varied and may change from one collector to another, and the ways

Can Young People Collect Art?

Is a valid question, isn’t? Most of us read the news and see the imaginary prices of art which the majority of us will never be able to pay. When

How to Collect Art When You aren’t a Billionaire – or Even a Millionaire

I found the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel an amazing one. Dorothy, a librarian and Herb, post office employee managed to build one of the most important Art collection in