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YouTube Art Channels You Should Know About

  19.10.2014   nhindi   Uncategorized

If you ask yourself how to understand art I can offer different ways and among those is of course education. Art is a world one can understand better with knowledge,

What Makes Art Valuable?

  25.08.2014   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

The prices of artworks seem to keep breaking new records. The question “What is The Value of Art?” is a valid one and many people ask me that question. The reasons

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

  I Saw this movie, produce by Ben Lewis (Twitter @artsafarist), few days ago and it made me think where does the art world go? Since the movie was published

How to Collect Art When You aren’t a Billionaire – or Even a Millionaire

I found the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel an amazing one. Dorothy, a librarian and Herb, post office employee managed to build one of the most important Art collection in