2, August 2018 – We spoke with some of the most unique groups of technologists in Tel-Aviv. In this special event, we discussed and explored the role of art in a technological environment, how creativity from the arts plays role in fostering new mindsets, and what are the options for innovation breakthroughs when working with artists.

The event started with a keynote by Nir Hindi, The Artian’s founder, talking about the role of art in fostering creativity and innovation in business organizations. Just after the new media artist, Liat Segal took the stage and shared her work at the intersection of software, engineering, and art. The event came to a close with a panel between Hindi, Segal, and Mr. Yossi Vardi. It was a great honor to join Mr. Vardi, one of Israel’s founding figures in the tech scene, on the stage.

Speakers Bio:

Liat Segal –

A new media artist, fusing together art and technology. In her works, Segal harnesses information, software, electronics, and mechanics to build installations and machines that connect the physical world with virtual ones. Segal observes inconsistencies and dissonances that arise when personal lives meet technological evolving environments and questions issues such as intimacy vs. alienation, privacy vs. over-exposure, identity, and originality.

Liat graduated M.Sc. studies in Applied Arts & Sciences (Minerva Schools KGI, San Francisco, 2017), M.Sc. in Computer Science and Biology (Tel Aviv University, 2007), and the Interdisciplinary Program for fostering excellence (Tel Aviv University, 2005). She worked as a researcher at Microsoft Innovation Labs (2009) and taught at the Bezalel School of Arts and Design at the Hebrew University.

Segal’s recent works were exhibited at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, National American Jewish History Museum Philadelphia, Hansen House Jerusalem, Amsterdam Light Festival, Jerusalem International Light Festival, and others.

Yossi Vardi –

One of Israel’s early entrepreneurs, Mr. Vardi co-founded, led, funded, and helped build more than 80 high-tech, energy, natural resources, and clean-tech companies. Many of them went public. As the founding investor of Mirabilis Ltd, -the creator of iCQ – Vardi co-pioneered instant messaging. ICQ was one of the internet’s earliest successes, later sold to AOL.

Vardi was chairman of the board of trustees of Jerusalem Foundation, serves on the board of trustees of the Technion, and served on those of Weitzman Institute. Hebrew University, open university. He was advisor to the World Bank, United Nations Development Program, CEOs of Amazon, AOL, Siemens Albis, and Allied–Signal. member of the World Economic Forum, and Co-chairman of the EU-Israel business dialogue.

Nir Hindi –

Originally from the Tel-Aviv area, Nir Hindi is a business entrepreneur who has been active in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem for many years. Though rooted in the world of technology and business, Nir always has one foot in the creative world. As an entrepreneur, he brings the distinctive ability to navigate between business requirements and a wide-ranging set of creative practices.

He is the founder of The Artian, innovation, and creativity training company, a visiting professor in IE Business School where he teaches creativity for business, a guest lecturer at the Master for Design and Innovation in IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), where he teaches entrepreneurship for creative fields.

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