DSC07219“Really? Is that true? I didn’t know that!” 

That is the common reaction I’m getting when I tell that Tel-Aviv was ranked at the startup Genome project as the second best Startup’s Eco-system in the world after Silicon Valley. The majority doesn’t know how much innovation is coming out of this small city and Israel The country. Just to give an example…Israel smaller than New Jersey and has more startups than all of Europe (take a look at this interesting map).

I was more than happy to participate in a lecture titled “The Startup Hubs of Europe – London, Berlin & Tel Aviv” that took place at the IE Business School. In this session I presented Tel-Aviv’s strength in the startup and technology world, the current environment, the

opportunities for startups, networking events, etc.

For the presentation press HERE.

For the post at IE Business school’s Blog press HERE.