As part of our visit to Mexico, we spoke at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomico de Mexico (ITAM) on February 19, 12:30 pm.

ITAM is a private Mexican institution of higher education. Its mission is to contribute to the individual’s comprehensive knowledge and to develop a freer, more just, and prosperous society. The university is well known for its highest levels of academic excellence. Also, its know for the program called EPIC Lab; EPIC Lab is the ITAM Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. It is a transversal nature center that fosters an entrepreneurial vocation and drives high-impact business ideas.


Meeting young talent around the world is always exciting. The group of young students gathered at this event demonstrated a unique way of thinking and were excited to learn about the role of art in business. As one of the students mentioned, “I thought I was doomed to work in a boring finance environment. After this talk, I know I have other possibilities.” 

The same student showed us his creative hobby in design by designing our event’s visuals. You can see it below. 

We want to thank Tal Naim from the Israeli embassy in Mexico, who made this great event possible.