The Artian at Newspicks | JAPAN

by | Dec 6, 2019

On December 5, Newspicks, one of Japan’s leading business magazines, published an in-depth interview with Nir Hindi. 

In their “The Prophet” series, Newspicks introduces new ideas, a movement of the upcoming era, just like prophets have been doing in the past. For their December issue, Newspicks’ team chose to feature Nir. In this extended interview, he shared his thoughts about art in business; why Japanese organizations, as well as individuals, need to adopt an art mindset; and why art mindset will help Japan to stay competitive.

Founded by Yusuke Umeda, Newspicks aims to lead business news into social media age. It is a financial news website focused on new technologies and IT, using corporate reporters to target young, tech-savvy readers. It offers in-depth analyses of certain business topics or exclusive interviews with leaders in various sectors. The company owns the U.S.-based business news website Quartz LLC as well.

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