Nir Hindi, The Artian’s founder, gave his renowned talk on “RENAISSANCE OF RENAISSANCE THINKING – WHY BUSINESS NEEDS THE ART” on the second day of the 34th El Sol. The Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication which was held on June 5, 6, and 7, 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

El Sol’s theme for the year’s conference was new integration and a total vision of creativity as a transforming force, not only for advertising communication but also for business, culture, and society. This objective aligned perfectly with The Artian’s core philosophy – helping organizations build their methods to transform and inspire participants to develop their skills leading them to be more innovative and creative.

Other notable speakers of the event included: JEFF NOEL-30 years of Disney leadership, TONI NADAL–Elder trainer and ex-preparator of Rafa Nadal, DAVID ROWAN– Founder editor chief of WIRED UK (2008-2017), MARGAUX REVOL-Strategist senior at AMV BBDO UK, NICHOLAS HULLEY- Creative Partner at AMV BBDO UK, PACO CONDE-founder and creative of Activista La, ALEX PUIG-CTO of CAELUM LABS, Blockchain, Ethereum, Rust, Dapps and Self Sovereign ID and JUAN LORD-President Innovation Media Consulting.

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