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世界のビジネスリーダーがいまアートから学んでいること | ニール・ヒンディ

Have you ever wondered about the role of art in business and innovation? Or are you interested to know how art can be part of your management set of tools? Well, now that we are living in a transition time that demands a new management mindset and tools, more organizations need arts.

Arts can be unified and absorbed within an organizational life in order to make new forms of organization. Knowing what are the skills we can learn from art that can serve us in the world of innovation and what an organization can do and should do to become more creative and innovative will lead to long period business success.

“Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking ‒ a New Paradigm in Management” (世界のビ ジネスリーダーがいまアートから学んでい ること) is exploring the influence of art has on the different aspects of the business and innovation world.

This book invites modern leaders to different aspects in which art is influencing the business environment. Getting to know the connections of leading tech leaders such as Paul Graham, from Y-Combinator, Marissa Mayer, former Yahoo! CEO, Brian Chesky, founder of Airbnb and others have with the arts. It gives examples how companies bring artistic thinking into their organizations, what are the skills we can learn from art that can serve us in the world of innovation and what organizations can and should do to become more creative and innovative.

The book exposes a unique mindset that was not considered relevant to the business world until today – The Artistic Mindset. A mindset that grows and develops in the disciplines of art but applicable to the world of business. Leaders understand that their organizations are exposed to constant risks, and to mitigate those risks, they need to keep their teams innovative, creative, inspired, and motivated.

Published in October 2018, in Japan by Cross-Media Publishing the book is available in Tokyo’s prestigious bookstores as well as Amazon. In its first few months, it was ranked among the top 20 business books, and hitting the first place is three business categories (Management strategy, Business Management, and Management Theory).



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