BusinessFuturewhyAs preparation for my first class in Strategy i was required to read the The Mind of the strategist (The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business, McGraw-Hill, 1982.). How i was contented to read what i always touted: Creativity is a very important part of the business decisions.

“Great strategies, like great works of art or great scientific discoveries, call for technical mastery in the working out but originate in insights that are beyond the reach of conscious analysis but to bring insight to fruition as a successful strategy takes method, mental discipline, and plain hard work.

Strategic success cannot be reduced to a formula, nor can anyone become a strategic thinker merely by reading a book. Nevertheless, there are habits of mind, and modes of thinking that can be acquired through practice to help you free the creative power of your subconscious and improve your odds of coming up with winning strategic concepts.”

Here is a summary of the main ideas published at the