trailer – new season: the artian podcast returns march 25th

Are you ready for season two? In Season 2, we will be releasing conversations with Ben Grosser, the artist who invented the Facebook Demetricator; Domhnaill Hernon, VP of Research and Innovation and Head of Experiments in Art and Technology at Bell Labs; Elif Gokcigdem, founder of the Summit on Empathy and Museums; and many more. They will be discussing how artists think, how art can influence business, and why business leaders and entrepreneurs should be paying attention to artists.


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[00:00:00] Lauren Lee McCarthy: I think there is a huge potential or art to open a lot of questions that are not being asked in the technology or designer business,

Nir Hindi: leading with questions is what drives innovation. And there are no better people than artists to help us formulate new ones because the whole of the artist is to innovate.

When we think of innovation and technology, it often stems from science. What jumped

Arthur Miller: out at me from reading those original papers was the emphasis. The scientists put on cemetery, aesthetics, and beauty. To me, its artists referred to it similarly that was brought back to my interest in art. Uh, and I, what occurred to me is whether there is a connection between art and science.

Nir Hindi: Hey, I am there because I am on the phone though of doubt. A company that helps other companies with these questions, you know, a podcast, we explore how our drives innovation in technology, business, or science. We are confident to develop in doubt. This mindset can help you look at the world differently and come up with better solutions.

So how do artists look at the world in [00:01:00] different ways?

Ben Grosser: I first got interested in computer music. A lot of people in the kind of computer music world were focused on, well, how can I write code to generate a sound that mimics a trumpet or sounds like a flute. And I just never understood why anybody would want.

Any of that. I really wanted to make a sound that sounded like nothing I had ever heard before.

Nir Hindi: In this season, you will hear from leaders in both the fields of business and art. 

Elif Gokcigdem: and I am the founder of the empathy-building through museums initiative. And then

Panos A. Panay: the psychologist, I am senior vice president for global strategy and innovation.

Michael Hendrix: I am Michael Hendrix, global design director at IDEO.

Nir Hindi: So, are you ready to develop your artistic mindset? Are you ready to formulate different questions? Then join me in shaping the business mind throughout the new season, launching March 25th. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.