Spain’s leading art fair, the ARCO art fair, took place this weekend.

It was a great event with international spirit to boost the energy. After two days aimed to attract professionals from the global art world, the fair opened to the public. On Friday, the panel “COLLECTING: DESIGN, MANAGEMENT, FINANCE” took place with interesting speakers and subjects that focused on questions such as: What are the motivations of the new collectors to collect are today? Are these motivations different from the past and, if so, how do they change the art world? How has collecting art changed and how can one come to understand the market from studying different transactions? So many questions that challenge what we think we know about the art market.

The fair was divided into different sections: Focus Finland, Solo Project, Cultural Spaces, Main Galleries as well as young Galleries which included works and artists from around the globe. On Saturday the IE art and business club, which I co-established at the beginning of November, organized with the wonderful team of Art Gallery Tour Madrid a two-hour special tour inside the fair with a special talk and meeting with the Finish Artist, Mia Hamari.  She described her work process as influenced by being vegetarian, sharing how these “cute” statues consist of a sad stories of dying animals.

Though the video is in Spanish you can get the feeling of Arco.

In conclusion, the professional panels and events, combined with international galleries from all around the globe, gave hope that a new spirit has made its way to Spain.

IEAB With Mia Hamari

IEAB With Mia Hamari


Mia Hamari – Work

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