Want to Promote Your Business On Social Media? Maybe You Should Learn From American Express.

by | Sep 17, 2014

American Express has been known for working with artists over the years in order to differentiate itself. The company has worked with photographers, painters, designers, etc., and created campaigns, product designs, gift cards, and more. Following this strategy, this summer Amex announced a new collaboration with artists to design credit cards to publicize on social media.

The Card Art series includes designs by artists and designers such as Andy Hau, Justin Maller, Vida Lantoš, and Johan Thörnqvist. These designs will be promoted on American Express’s social media channels. The first designs that were published already have created a positive effect. Current data show that the designed cards engage more people on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, for example, the designed cards are tripling the number of “favorites” compared to all other tweets by Amex this year and on Instagram, the number of “likes” for the designed card photos doubled.


I think these data reinforce the fact that art contributes to business and that customers value aesthetics and beautiful designs more than business managers believe.

Get American Express Art Cards updates on their Facebook page.

See the Adweek article on the campaign HERE.



Card art by Supermundane Source: Amex Facebook

Card Art by Andy Hau Source: Amex Facebook

Card Art by Andy Hau Source: Amex Facebook

Card Art by Justin Maller Source: Amex Facebook

Card Art by Supermundane Source: Amex Facebook

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