Corporate Social Responsibility and Art

by | Dec 10, 2013

Since cave times people have used art as a means of communication and expression using whichever tools are around them. The role of the artist is often said to be to respond in new ways to the world around them…Rather than pages of text and policies, art has a pivotal role to play in driving sustainable business. How can businesses harness the power of art as an agent for positive change?

In her article at the Guardian, under the Sustainable Business section, Sally Perry discussed the lessons that can be learned by business companies from the art world. “Art is a powerful agent for change and there’s a lot that firms can learn from the power of the image to drive sustainability,” she said.

In her opinion article published in the Guardian (6/12/2013)  brings Sally the examples of Deutsche Bank’s Art Concept, The Olswang Art Award which is part of the law firm’s response to employability and social mobility issues and GE Capital.

“Encouraging creativity and expression through art allow young people to change perceptions of themselves and succeed in a social, professional, or commercial environment thereby driving social mobility,” said GE Chief commercial officer Maurice Benisty.

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