Why Entrepreneurs Are The Artists of The Business World?

by | Sep 30, 2014

Source: Kevin Daum's Blog

Source: Kevin Daum’s Blog

“Entrepreneurs are the artists of the business world,” says Kevin Daum, a theater graduate, entrepreneur, and author. In his article for JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Mr. Daum explains why artists and entrepreneurs are similar and by giving real-life examples of artist-entrepreneurs, he helps his readers to understand what artists and entrepreneurs have in common. Among these he mentioned the following:

  • Both entrepreneurs and artist-entrepreneurs “approach the world in an unorthodox manner and exhibit unconventional behavior they consider necessary to unleash the creative flow.”
  • Artists and entrepreneurs alike must take a practical approach to the management and development of their enterprises.
  • The business start-up process has much in common with art production, particularly the performance process.

Read his full article here.

Kevin Daum is a theatre graduate, entrepreneur, and author. He is CEO of Stratford Financial, an INC 500 Company, and the author of What the Banks Won’t Tell You (Grady Parsons) and Building Your Own Home For Dummies (Wiley). Mr. Daum directs business development for Americans For The Arts’ Creativity Connection and regularly splits his time between New York and San Francisco.

You can read more articles by Mr. Kevin Daum at INC.Com or visit his blog.

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