Why Are Venture Capital Firms Snapping Up Designers?

by | Apr 26, 2014

Google Ventures design partners.

Google Ventures design partners.

In my previous post, I discussed why the future of innovation belongs to artists and Designers. It was not shocking to read this article “Why VC Firms Are Snapping Up Designers” written by Mark Wilson and published in FastCompany.com.

Rene Au, past head of Google’s user interaction team, is among designers that made their way to a venture capital firm. The role of designers and I can add artists, is not only on improving the visibility of products or services but also helping ask the difficult questions that can help us from an economic point of view. The article discusses the questions why VCs are eager to hire artists and how customers can earn from this new trend.

Did you hear about designers working in VCs or other investments firms? If so, share and let us know.

Read the article HERE.

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