from methods, tools, artistic know-how, to mindset and new learnings, our learning experiences focus on the soft skills and human capabilities required in business

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New Learnings

Soft Skills

Human Capabilities Development

communication, forward-looking, creativity, observation, authentic listening, empathy, questioning, ideating and many more human capabilities can be developed and harness in a different way. If you are looking for an impactful learning experience, then you are in the right place.

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customer-centric sales wisdom

Our sales training focuses on the primary keys we believe are essential: understating your customers and telling compelling stories. By helping participants to develop empathetic listening, understanding customers’ point of view, and reducing personal bias, we help participants develop their sale soft skills. By learning the power of an image, the flow of a story, and using data in a compelling way we help participants build better stories.

art-based innovation learning experiences

Some of the skills required in innovation include observation, questioning, and creating alternatives. In our innovation skills training, participants learn active observation that allows real insights; they learn how to frame and pose better questions, and how to offer alternatives to what we have.

Pitching Deck Coaching

If you are an entrepreneur, you are busy not only building your company but also raising funds to support its development. Pitching a problem, solution, product, market, go-to-market, business model, amongst other components, in less than five minutes, concisely and clearly – is a huge challenge.

This is where we come in.

leaders are artists

Leadership is an art more than science. In our training, we aim to develop managers and grow them into leaders. Therefore, we work with our participants to develop the art of observation, the art of challenging, the art of empathy, and the art of failure. Many of these activities work on the future-to-be leaders’ personal and interpersonal skills such as communication, articulation, expression, open-mindedness, and others.

Intrapreneurship Capabilities | Mentoring and Coaching

By mentoring teams and individuals in leading organizations such as Startupbootcamp Fintech, MIT, Endeavor, and many others, we bring strong abilities for teams working on new products and services.

Whether you are a startup in an idea phase or growth phase, whether you run internal corporate intrapreneurship and innovation programs, you will get the support and feedback on your project with our mentoring and coaching.

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