Art-based innovation skills


Develop and nurture teams’ innovation capabilities focusing mainly on the required skills to be innovation business professionals

Nir! I enjoy your class and your amazing lesson! Business innovation was being incredibly interesting because of you.


Viviana Guerra

I arrived at my house and I started to look for painting courses. Why? Because The Artian’s talks allowed me to realize that creativity facilitates being a more open person, which in turn facilitates communicating ideas to the customer. Art allows you to be more open, and that leads to the generation of insights in a business context”


Juliana Muñoz

Marketing professional at VU Cybersecurity

“The structure, the visuals, and Nir as a presenter were amazing. great catching story at the beginning, the references of the theory of business and art were just on point, the examples of how art and businesses are tied were very contemporary and the final key learnings were good facts to leave the session thinking on actions. love it!”

activity overview

In this training, participants will learn and develop their human intrinsic capabilities that are essential to build their innovation competencies. In this unique process, we draw from the world of the artists. As creators, artists are required to develop original works, to do so, they have developed a mindset and series of skills that we will learn how to implement in business context. By adopting artistic mindset, participants will learn that in the basis of any progress in the questions is ambiguity – just like in art –  there is no absolute truth and that innovation rise from doubt.

learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Learn about new sources for innovation 
  • Get familiar with essential and often overlooked innovation skills
  • Practice and enhance skills such as observing, questioning, or building alternatives


One day activity

*with an option for long and continuous reinforcement and coaching

Let’s develop together innovation competencies