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Mentoring and coaching corporate teams to think and act as entrepreneurs

Nir! I enjoy your class and your amazing lesson! Business innovation was being incredibly interesting because of you.


Viviana Guerra

I arrived at my house and I started to look for painting courses. Why? Because The Artian’s talks allowed me to realize that creativity facilitates being a more open person, which in turn facilitates communicating ideas to the customer. Art allows you to be more open, and that leads to the generation of insights in a business context”


Juliana Muñoz

Marketing professional at VU Cybersecurity

“The structure, the visuals, and Nir as a presenter were amazing. great catching story at the beginning, the references of the theory of business and art were just on point, the examples of how art and businesses are tied were very contemporary and the final key learnings were good facts to leave the session thinking on actions. love it!”

activity overview

By mentoring teams and individuals in leading organizations such as Startupbootcamp Fintech, MIT, Endeavor, and many others, we bring strong abilities for teams working on new products and services.

Whether you are a startup in an idea phase or growth phase, whether you run internal corporate intrapreneurship and innovation programs, you will get the support and feedback on your project with our mentoring and coaching.

We provide development as well as performance-driven mentoring and coaching.

learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Personal development of the team’s members
  • Learning the startup execution way of doing
  • Inspire team members to see what is possible in the project
  • Broaden intercultural or cross-cultural ties within and out the organization


Flexible. From hours to months

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