Pitching deck Coaching and Development


Guide and assist early-stage startups to build a strong narrative that leads to great results.

Nir’s focus not only helped us create a more attractive story in our pitch but also provide a broader vision for our startup, allowing us to understand our clients’ problems better and finding more innovative ways to solve them


Joaquín Gonzales

Co-Founder & CRO, Reworth


Nir is the best there is at storytelling and coaching founders to be their best when it comes to the very important and challenging task of fundraising. He is always impeccably prepared and puts a lot of work and care into truly creating value.


Christine C.

Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Scale FinTech, Mexico


Nir completely transformed how we were presenting our business – he understood the strengths of our product, our stage, and our team, and gave us the tools to use it to our advantage every single time we need to pitch our business. He also helped us improve throughout our latest fundraiser so we could continue to test and iterate along the way. Thank you, Nir!


Alfonso Tinoco

Co-Founder, Around


Amazing program. Our pitch came alive much more powerfully, my delivery was easier to understand and had more punch and beauty. If you want not only to make a mark but change the way you think about what is key to your business, I highly recommend working with Nir


Guillermo Gómez del Campo

Founder & CEO, Prestanomico

Our mentorship with Nir helped us narrow down our Pitch Deck, evaluating different aspects such as: visual, content, storytelling, consistency, and order. A well-elaborated pitch can definitely be the difference between obtaining or not the funding that we needed.


Fransisco Reyes

Co-Founder & CEO, Mango Life


activity overview

If you are an entrepreneur, you are busy not only building your company but also raising funds to support its development. Pitching a problem, solution, product, market, go-to-market, business model, amongst other components, in less than five minutes, concisely and clearly – is a huge challenge.

Numbers are also against you: an average VC will meet approximately 1,000 startups a year, and invest in 4. The challenge becomes even harder – how do you stand out and become memorable. The average pre-seed company establishes contact with 58 investors and meets with 30. That’s a lot of pitching to do!

In our work, we help you clarify and articulate your different business components. From explaining the business model in a better way to thinking about more creative go-to-market strategies. In the end, all of this will be reflected in your pitch deck.

The goal is not only to have a great pitch but to equip you with the best tool to raise the funds you need.

Now, imagine that your pitching capabilities can get you the investment you need. 

learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Evaluate and improve their current pitch knowledge and material.
  • Achieve alignment in the storyline and business components presented in the pitch deck.
  • Transform complex and technical business ideas into a straightforward and compelling message
  • Enhance communication and oral skills – tools to convey and manage emotion amongst team members and investors.


The training of this program is based on 4 modules, from which the training could extend to 8-10 hours.

*modules are separated based on your needs given the learning experience and continuous renovation of business materials for revision.

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