Management Commitment to Creativity – The Braun Story


Help managers to learn how to foster and hone creative environment that can lead to innovation. 

I enjoyed your lecture on arts and business and our visit to Prado Museum. You impressed me a lot.


Excellent presentation today about art and business!!! I got Inspired!!! great tips.


Patricia Rodó

It was so great. I’m an engineer exploring arts to connect more myself with my own creativity.

activity overview

What does it mean to build a creative company? What is the role of the managers and leaders in the organization in shaping it as such? How can they achieve it? And Why creativity, art, and experimentation are crucial in innovation?

All of these questions, and more, are answered in the talk “Management Commitment to Creativity – The Braun Story.” We are all familiar with Apple, the most valuable brand globally, but Braun has directly influenced Apple – in its design and creative management approach. In this talk, we will discuss the seven lessons that managers can learn from Braun’s management if they aspire to a creative and innovative environment.

learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Learn about your role in fostering and driving creativity and innovation in the organization
  • Know how to work with your creative teams
  • Understand how silos between engineering and creatives can be eliminated

session length

Short Keynote – 20 MIN
Longer Keynote- 60 MIN

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