renaissance of the renaissance thinking


Challenge the participants’ point of view on the role of creativity in a business context in general and emphasize the importance of Renaissance thinking in the future workplace.

“From the first moment, Nir takes you on a mind-blowing journey to the importance of art in the lives of established business figures and how it stimulated their creative thinking leading them to build billion dollars companies. The presentation/lecture was unconventional and one of the most unique I have ever attended”

Assaf Van Trienen,

Enterprise Corporate Sales at Salesforce

“I think The Artian is helping you to think about how to combine art and business to make it a real success and also to create and specific and unique path for each company.”


Pierre Banco,

Ex-General Director, Aveda Iberia

“Nir and The Artian have a very effective way of taking people out of their comfort zone, stripping them down and rebuilding them. Because he speaks, not to their walls of confidence and protection, but to the inner child that was once dreaming to become an engineer and was excited about new intellectual adventures and about creating with his very own hands. He speaks to this inner child and in doing so, he breaks them from the inside. And as a result of this connection, their spark is reborn and they are willing to change”

Mr. S,

The Innovation Department Manager, 81 unit.

“Nir`s conference is really mind-blowing no one really expects to a business conference to talk about arts, this two disciplines, business, and arts are not normally relate as it should be, but Nir in a very creative, provoking and funny way tries to bridge these two disciplines business and arts, he really does it in a successful way an leave the audience with successful insights for the personal and professional lives it’s a very delighting conference very enlightening as well”

Sergio Pelaez,

Director Corporate Customer Strategy, Bancolombia

activity overview

In this session, “A Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking,” we advocate for the connection between artistic talent and business entrepreneurship, two areas that fuel each other and provide an opportunity for mutual learning. By revealing trends and upcoming changes in the world, we highlight the importance of being creative and having artistic skills. Using examples of leaders in the business world that have already capitalized on art and creativity, we raise questions that help to initiate a change in paradigm.

We define this phase as the ice-breaker phase between business professionals and the creative world.

learning outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will understand:
• The value of using Renaissance thinking
• The impact of Renaissance thinking on the company
• The demand for Renaissance thinking in current business context

session length

Keynote & Discussion –
60-90 MIN

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