If you ask yourself how to understand art I can offer different ways and among those is of course education. Art is a world one can understand better with knowledge, understanding of the artist’s mind, the historical context, the motivations and more. We are lucky to live in a period when many of us can learn and educate ourselves as the Internet offers many ways to learn. For art lovers I found Educational YouTube channels that can assist someone seeking to learn more about art.  The videos and movies that these channels offer are different and may have an artist biography, historical period, art movements and more. I chose to focus on educational channels that include full movies about the art world; though, you can find many more YouTube channels of the leading museums, artists, art institutions and more.

Enjoy the movies and I will be happy to get recommendations from you, my readers, as well. Do you know on other sources worth publishing? Let me know.

loArt Videos and Documentaries is a channel which have many movies and different arts: Visual, Musical etc.
TheArtistsPlace is divided by biographies, movements and more.
Art History Online brings many different analyses of famous art works.